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Our multichannel communication platform freedomone allow companies to:

  • Engage with Every Client on Any Channel
  • Let the customers choose the way they want to engage (ie. web, mobile site, mobile app…)
  • Always know who the customer is regardless of the channel being used
  • Take customers exactly where they need to be, at the proper step within a transaction
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    Companies using freedomone benefit from: 

  • Lowered operational costs related to customer support
  • Lowered development costs (1 business process design deployed on all channels)
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Increased revenue due to real time customized services for your customers

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Engage your multichannel customers


  your interactive messages   via clients' preferred *channels

* mobile app, mobile site, web, IVR, IP phone, etc.
  your consumer's behaviors and trends  
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